Bet Burger Review – How to Use a Sure Betting Bot

sure betting bot

Sure betting bots are pieces of software that automatically identify arbitrage opportunities in sports betting. By scanning odds comparison websites to detect instances in which different bookmakers offer differing prices on identical events, sure betting bots find arbitrage opportunities and place bets on both sides to guarantee profit no matter the final result of events. Though technically legal, many bookmakers oppose sure bets and may take action against users placing them; however there are reputable services that provide safe and secure methods of making money through sure bets.

Before using a sure betting bot, it is necessary to access an odds comparison website with live pricing data. A reputable site should display odds from multiple bookmakers simultaneously and provide accurate odds for every team, player or event. Once you’ve established access, configure the settings of your sure betting bot based on your preferred settings – for instance filter out certain teams or events entirely or be alerted when certain criteria have been fulfilled.

Once you’ve created your betting bot, the final step should be testing it. One effective approach to testing it would be comparing its output against results from a trusted source like SEON – doing this can allow you to identify any potential fraud or bot traffic. A velocity check may also help in this regard; if repeated actions happen quickly within short periods of time this could indicate the user running a bot.

Bet Burger entered the sure betting bot scene in 2015, providing their premium services in two forms – Prematch and Live. Both options offer highly competitive prices for long-term subscriptions spanning one day up to an entire year.

Starter plans from Bet Burger provide free access to prematch arbs of up to 1% profit (60 seconds delayed). For newcomers to sure betting, Silver packages offer even cheaper pricing and offer flexible broker selection. In contrast to RebelBetting’s software that requires installation, Bet Burger’s software runs entirely within your browser without needing additional updates or downloads.