Betfair to Ban Horse Racing Bots

horse racing bot betfair

Betfair, one of the world’s largest betting exchanges, is expected to ban automated trading programs known as bots following a website crash caused by one punter who claimed their computer program had made him hundreds of thousands in recent months. According to posts made on their users forum under an anonymous pseudonym name by said user, his program may have spread rapidly among other punters over recent weeks and put undue strain on Betfair’s system.

A bot is a software application that can access the web and place bets like any human punter would, yet also accomplishes other feats that humans cannot. A bot can access websites more quickly than humans can and request data from web pages several times every second – as well as trade markets without tiring out or needing to stop for tea breaks between trades – making them often cheaper alternatives than hiring humans punters.

Bots can assist in horse racing by analysing data such as race results and odds to place bets on the market. This allows punters to improve their odds by discovering opportunities missed by other punters; additionally it enables punters to avoid placing bets on horses that are unlikely to win and increase winning odds by laying horses likely to lose.

Traders are betting bots that use mathematical algorithms to find profitable opportunities on Betfair marketplace. By exploiting any inefficiencies within betting markets, traders can generate profits on various markets including horse racing, greyhounds racing, football betting, cricket betting, tennis and snooker. Furthermore, traders may use staking plans that determine how much money will be bet per bet; and automate their betting to reduce manual effort and free up more time for other activities.

Betfair horse racing bots use AI-driven algorithms to monitor current market staking levels, then automatically place bets that seek to profit or recover any losses from those levels – whether this means backing or laying horses for win, place, multiples and trifecta/tricast bets; this software features 42 different staking plans including dutching progressive fixed percentage and recovery-based systems.

The bot is easy to set up and operate, suitable for any market (although most users will focus on horse racing). It updates itself daily with the most up-to-date staking prices, and can run on either a local computer or UK VPS server. Once configured, simply press start and watch as your betting bank quickly grows! It is an invaluable resource that enables serious bettors to become serious bettors by rapidly growing their bank balances.