How a Betting Bot Can Help You Find Value Bets

stakeprosoft betting bot

Finding value bets manually requires both patience and time. You must be at your computer when an opportunity presents itself and quickly navigate your bookmaker interface before the chance may have passed you by before making your selections.

A bot can help you avoid these mistakes and focus on what matters most: your bankroll. A reliable bot will notice line changes more quickly than you and alert you of potential opportunities; plus it can prevent rookie value bettors from making costly errors such as allowing preconceived biases to cloud their judgement or letting other opinions influence calculations.

Betting bots may not be illegal, but their use can often be frowned upon by both operators and players of online gaming services. Furthermore, betting bots are notoriously costly to operate and demand an abundance of resources when used for arbitrage betting purposes.

SEON’s advanced fraud detection tools give you the power to spot suspicious users and behaviors – even those not obviously bots – even before they become obvious bots. These include data enrichment, velocity rules and real-time monitoring/alerts which can all be customized based on your risk appetite and business requirements so you can be as stringent as needed or simply block obvious bad bots. It can even serve as a KYC verification solution so that you get to know your customers better.