How to Prevent the Use of an Online Betting Bot

online betting bot

Betting bots (or sports betting bots) are software programs designed to automate the process of placing bets on gambling websites. This process uses scraped data from gambling and betting websites to actively scan for odds changes so bets can be placed quickly before opportunities pass us by. They also place significant strain on these servers; anyone in the iGaming industry knows this can be a major headache for operators as betting bots spoil players’ fun, undermine player trust and lower company bottom lines.

Betting bots take various forms, from simple programs to sophisticated software that automate betting activities based on predetermined rules. Some can be found online for free while others require subscription or purchase. Both amateur and professional gamblers use betting bots to streamline their bet-making activities and potentially make money in the long run; however, their use can carry high risks, including being compromised easily or not being able to recognize certain nuances associated with gambling.

Most online casino and sportsbook owners view betting bots as cheating; although not illegal, they are frequently banned or subject to stringent rules. Some players have managed to bypass these restrictions using bots that can be programmed to make decisions on their behalf – something most don’t consider ethical, but can help maximize profits.

Many sportsbooks and bookmakers have taken steps to prevent bot use by instituting special security measures that use IP or device data to identify suspicious activity and block users; or velocity checks which measure user actions over a set time frame in order to detect abnormal behavior.

One of the main advantages of this technology is its full customization; each iGaming operator can tailor it to meet their own specific requirements. For instance, one casino might want a stricter approach with regard to which bots they accept while another might prefer having more lax policies regarding VIPs.

SEON offers solutions tailored specifically for iGaming companies looking to eliminate betting bots, including IP and device detection as well as velocity checks. By correlating this data with other users’ data, they can identify patterns that indicate likely bot usage and configure patterns with similar profiles across them all.

These tools can assist iGaming companies in improving customer experiences and preventing fraud. With gaming bots becoming an increasing threat to business, understanding their work and how they can be detected is crucial if they’re to be stopped before doing further damage to your operations. For more information contact SEON today for a demo session; we would love to speak to you!