New year and a NEW LIMBO BOT

We release a completely rewritten LIMBO BOT

As change business to make new bots also outside gambling bots i rewrite limbo game to be standalone and it has a complete change of look and algorithms.

We add multiplier after losses and win multipliers up to x times aftee every win.

Textboxes and file inputs:

  • Max win amount
  • Max loss amount
  • Percent bet amount/nr amount
  • Multiplier after loss
  • Multipliers after win
  • Number to multiplie win
  • See balance in bot and win amount with great green color.
  • Autologin casino
  • Multipliers in limbo easy change in file. Mix them as you like.

Great pattern of gameplay make great win ratio.

Earn money 24/7 with this new tool.

  • More better browser control
  • Lifetime update
  • Auto update
  • Different license plans

Coming out in some days!! STAY TUNED!

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