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Want to have automation for bet365?

Then you find the right product. But wait! Its not only bet365 in this fantastic bot. We added betfair also !

Perfect programmed API to get the fastest possible bets delivered by Betburger, booth value bets, and sure bets

Human behavior and a lot of settings are to be hidden under Bet365’s radar. We want you to succeed and therefore we implement many things inside this bot to let bookmakers not be direct noticed about using winning bets!

Perfectly Ui window to let you see all settings

Save and load all settings!

Human-made working, with human clicks and mouse movements.

Everything controlled with human-like movements and search boxes for matches is written by software as it would be human

We Developed the best-winning betting bot today!

24/7 support for updates when bookmakers change anything. We release updates fast and you are always guaranteed working software. Bookmakers don’t want you to win so its always in their interest to try blocking my bots

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