Game Stake Diamond Lifetime


Stake Diamond Game Bot – The real stake bot for the game DIAMOND at their casino.

It will generate money on full autopilot.

Set it up and let it work by it self.

We attach best settings and licensefile to get it work in support system



Proudly present Stakeprofits Diamond bot ver 2
– Betsize in unit
– Session win logout/login
– Daily win logout/login after 24h
– Logout and login with time for human playing
– Adjustable bet speed
– New minimal bet % after nr of looses in a row to protect balance, then startbet is used+ before betsize * multiplier in list
– Stoploss in unit and Percent
– Maxwin in unit and Percent
– Avaible to choose minibets or not
– Own multiplier list after max loosed bets triggered for best own risk apetite
Big win 50X: Bot log out and wait 24 houer as daily win is hit.


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