Products and prices updated

We are happy to tell you that we now only give support for vps we sell.

Of course we give support for bots but not if you choose to install on your own servers and they run faulthy because of wrong setups.

This is a better way to guarantee roulettebots work great on vps. For a recuring cost you will have all running smoothly on a vps and i will install on vps all if you need 24/7 roulette bots.

We therefor update products and prices and make simple variations with bot cost + vps cost that is monthly recuring.

If you need change pc or vps i need to take out a fee of 20 usd for new predictor and license changes.

We also add a casino script for buyers that want to start a CRYPTO casino.

Old buyers and special customers will get 20% of any lifetime licensed bot.

Happy summer 2021!

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