Sure Betting Bot – How to Identify a Sure Betting Bot

Sure betting is an arbitrage form of arbitrage betting which guarantees profit no matter the result of a match, unlike traditional bookmakers. While 100% legal, bookmakers do not want to risk losing customers due to surebets; to detect them they employ various means – one popular method being velocity checks; this measures how many bets are placed within an interval and may uncover suspicious patterns that indicate bot activity.

Sure bets operate by placing two bets with different bookmakers and profiting from the odds difference between them – an effortless, risk-free way to generate income online. Odds discrepancies arise daily during sports events and this method known as arb betting/sports arbitrage may be employed to generate profit with minimal risk and effort.

Finding winning bets requires using software tools that do all of the calculations for you. Such programs typically gather odds data from various bookmakers and compare it with one another using predetermined rules – this industry even exists! There’s even betting odds providers out there who offer such services as part of their services to customers.

If you’re new to sure betting, we suggest starting off by investing in 2-way markets and sports without draws. This will allow you to learn the ropes quickly and make profits right away. To make things simpler for you, we have developed a free tool which shows all available sure bets on upcoming matches from different bookmakers; select your selections of bookmakers from within this list, filter by profit percentage or event; plus we provide customizable bookmaker list options!

Make the most of our free sure bets software by giving it a try for 7 days, and if it fails to turn a profit we will extend this offer another month free – that’s how sure we are that our software can make money for you! This offer applies exclusively to new users of our sure bets software and may be renewed as frequently as desired! This offer applies only for first time customers!