The Best Value Betting Bot

value betting bot

Value betting is an intricate strategy that relies on finding overpriced odds on certain events to give bettor an advantage and win bets more consistently over time. Without proper training or education, however, value betting can be challenging to master; many who try without professional assistance often fail miserably. Some software developers have developed software which automates this process and makes making money easier – it displays overpriced odds to the user then suggests bet size based on their preferred staking plan.

This trend in online gambling will likely gain ground. As more sportsbooks implement it, we may witness more value bets being offered – providing punters with greater margins and profits than would have otherwise been available to them.

RebelBetting is the ideal software for value betting. They offer various packages, with silver being an affordable starting point; this includes both arbitrage and value betting features as well as a trial period.

RebelBetting’s Value Bets Scanner is an invaluable tool that allows you to quickly locate matches with overpriced odds. It searches multiple bookmakers and displays any match with such overpricing in a table format, suggesting an optimal stake based on your bankroll and Kelly settings. Furthermore, you can even view an odds history of any particular match so that you can observe their fluctuations over time.

RebelBetting goes beyond simply scanning value bets – there is an interactive help screen and bet tracker, too! In particular, RebelBetting’s Bets tab shows all bets that passed your filters sorted by value percentage (this can be adjusted). Clicking any bet brings up a more in-depth display including its recommended stake and estimated edge estimate.

Telegram notifications of value bets are another useful feature that makes staying informed easy, preventing you from missing opportunities and keeping up-to-date on bets that might present them. Unfortunately, the drawback is that you’ll receive alerts for every bet – which may become distracting over time; but luckily you can easily set notifications only to notify of profitable bets!