The Newest Update Of Crash Game Bot V. 3.0 2022 Rock!!

Today I am happy to present the new updated Stake Profits CRASH BOT. It plays fully automatic on Windows VPS or your pc.

It’s full of new better things to get more BTC for you.

  • New better gameplay
  • Daily win % added and logout and login after 24H
  • Session logout and login added after X percent win and time in minutes on form
  • Small bet percent in form, after x number of wins it add :
  • Progressive multiplier on every win you set in form
  • What about own multiplier when loose? We added it also in form.
  • Added skip nr times after nummer of losses in form!
  • Be not visible on casino – Yes we add that also.
  • save/load functions of all settings in file.
  • Soon In version i will add option to login from form.

Total rewritten algorithms and smoother gameplay. Earn BTC whenever you want it 24/7 with control of almost every setting. THIS IS A VERY BIG UPGRADE OF FUNCTIONS!


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