What exactly is Valuebets and Surebets explained

Surebets (also known as arbitrage bets) and value bets are two different betting strategies used in sports betting:

  • Surebets involve placing bets on all possible outcomes of a game or event at different bookmakers in such a way that a profit is guaranteed, regardless of the outcome. This is possible because bookmakers often have different odds for the same event, and by placing bets on all outcomes with the right proportion, the bettor can lock in a profit. Surebets require a lot of time and effort to find and calculate and are often small in profit margin.
  • Value bets, on the other hand, involve placing bets on outcomes that have higher odds than the actual probability of that outcome occurring. This is based on the principle that bookmakers may not always set their odds accurately, which creates opportunities for profit. Value bets are not guaranteed to win, but over the long term, they can be profitable if the bettor has a good understanding of the sport and can identify when bookmakers are undervaluing a certain outcome.


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