This fantastic bot is capable of increasing your wallet in full autopilot.

Don’t play for more than you afford to lose.

When setting bet sizes and stop losses, be ready that loss can easily be for example 10 times higher for every loss. It all depends on how big the bet sizes you use.

Begin with a small bet size like 2 satoshis.

Here is how you should input the token for autologin after you log in one time at a normal web browser Chrome.

Wolfbet manual
Wolfbet manual

Wolfbet manual
Wolfbet manual

We need to press the 3 dots, see nr 1.

Then we need to press more tools(2), then we choose developer tools.

Press the right double arrow to get a menu.

Choose application.

When you manually log in to the casino in Chrome, you will find a cookie under Cookies… Its name is token(5).

Copy the Value of it(6).

Don’t log out from your real manual browser! Copy all of nr 6 and input in bot nr 1.

We added 2 systems in the bot. The new system bets lowest with a win multiplier till we lose 2 times.

Then it will bet the losses * Loss multiplier

Also, we have empty spins after X times losses you can set.

A daily win can be checked so it logout and in after 24H

Happy gambling.